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Who is Southern Coast Vacation Rentals?


Rob & Courtney Kinney, John & Rita Hansen (previous owners), and Teri & Steve Hord


Our office is located at 17351 Front Beach Road, on the ground floor of the east tower of the Seachase Condominium complex.

Our Story

How Southern Coast Vacation Rentals was Born Originally featured in Grand Lagoon Life Magazine

When Steve and Teri Hord moved into their Panama City Beach home in March of 2017, they knew very little about John and Rita Hansen, their neighbors across the street. Sure, they would exchange the occasional, “Hi, how are you?” or a quick wave and a smile when taking out the trash, but that was about the extent of their relationship.

That all changed in October of 2018, when Hurricane Michael ripped through our area destroying everything in its path. Left without water, electricity, or phone service, like most folks, the Hords and the Hansens resorted to outside cleanup to pass the time. That’s when Teri and Rita really got to know each other. In the days and weeks that passed, the two families shared supplies, food, and lots of laughs.

The Hords soon heard all about Seachase Management and how Rita began working there before the condos were even built in 1985. John had joined her in the years that followed, and at one point, they managed over 100 properties all along Panama City Beach. John, now in his 70s, was ready to reap the benefits of his hard work and had retirement and golf on his mind. The business had been for sale for a while, but they just hadn’t found the right fit.

A couple of years later, Rob and Courtney Kinney were introduced to the Hords through mutual friends. The two couples quickly hit it off. One night over cocktails, Rob mentioned he had spoken to John about his property management business. He and Courtney were interested in purchasing it, but feared it may be too much for them to handle alone, while still maintaining a successful Real Estate career. That’s when the lightbulb went off and the idea of rebranding Seachase Management, Inc. to Southern Coast Vacation Rentals was born.

With Rob and Courtney both being experienced Realtors with Counts Real Estate Group, and Steve and Teri owning a local building inspection company, Cardinal Home Inspection, the four of them felt they had the skills, experience, and knowledge needed in order to take John’s company and give it new life.

Beginning February 2021, the two couples joined forces and it was full steam ahead; obtaining licensing, hiring employees, planning an office remodel, and implementing new software. They wanted to use John’s original business plan of maintaining close, positive relationships with both guests and owners, while modernizing the channels in which they communicate with the owners and streamlining how guests can book and check-in. Managed units will be advertised on popular booking sites such as VRBO and Airbnb, in conjunction with the Southern Coast Vacation Rentals website, and social media. Cleaning and maintenance services will now be automated and detailed owner reports with be available at the touch of a button. 

It is our ultimate goal for every guest and owner to feel welcome and completely satisfied with our services. We look forward to making you a part of our SoCo family!

At the Closing Table

Rob & Courtney Kinney, Camden, Teri, & Steve Hord, and John & Rita Hansen

Office Remodel

Summer 2021

New & Improved Office Space

17351 Front Beach Road